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Constellation - Canis Minor   (the little dog)
Orion Family

α CMi Procyon (alpha Canis Minoris)( Procyon ) 0,38
β CMi Gomeisa (beta Canis Minoris)( Gomeisa ) 2,9
γ CMi gamma Canis Minoris 4,32
δ CMi delta Canis Minoris 5,25
δ CMi delta Canis Minoris 5,59
δ CMi delta Canis Minoris 5,81
ε CMi epsilon Canis Minoris 4,99
ζ CMi zeta Canis Minoris 5,14
η CMi eta Canis Minoris 5,25
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Canis Minor
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